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From a „number cruncher“ to a
Finance Business Partner

Finance people are often seen as „numbers crunchers” who produce a significant amount of data and reports, with a high level of detail, but often not adding any additional value to the business.

As a result of digitalisation and automation this role is changing and requires a new profile.

The key objective is to provide Finance personnel with the right set of skills to enable them to perform as real Business Partners and ultimately be perceived as a supportive co-pilot.

Into a partner who is able to translate the business into numbers and vice versa put numbers in the context of the strategy and the targets of the business. A partner who supports decision making and acts as a navigator without losing track of governance and compliancy.

I successfully supported more than 800 finance employees on their journey, providing cross cultural trainings from the Philippines to Canada. The feedback I received was that Finance people felt rewarded for being provided this opportunity and felt the hard work they do every day, which is always driven by deadlines and the expectation of high quality, was appreciated. In addition, the business also confirmed that the partnership had changed and improved.

If you want to move your team(s) into that Business Partner role, let’s start the discussion. I am looking forward to your message.